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  • What are the costs?
    The total cost for this service is $60 per day of travel.
  • What does travel planning mean? What is included?
    I will provide a complete itinerary for your trip, including accomodations, activities, rentals and dining. The only thing you'll need to book are your flights! This is a personalized service and will be designed to fit your specific trip needs. I can do all of the booking on your behalf and provide support in case of any questions or issues.
  • How do I get started?
    Fill out this short questionnaire here to get started! We will get back to you and schedule a discussion of your travel needs.
  • Can you plan just a part of my trip?
    Absolutely! If you have only certain days you want me to plan, just let me know. If you already have some bookings made, but need planning help for certain parts of a day, I can work around that as well. Another option some clients have requested is assistance in finding their trip location, lodging, and a curated list of ideas and recommendations for excursions and activities, but not a full-blown itinerary. I am happy to help with this as well!
  • What if I need to cancel my trip or a booking is cancelled by a provider?
    Once I develop a customized travel itinerary for you, half of the travel planning free is paid up front and once you confirm the final travel plans are to your liking, the other half of the fee will be paid. If your trip is cancelled for whatever reason, I cannot refund you the travel planning fee, however, any other bookings that were cancellable will be cancelled and you will be refunded. If a booking is cancelled by a provider I will let you know as soon as I am notified by the provider of the service and connect you with details on securing a refund. I will work with you to make other arrangments. Please read my terms of use for further details on my cancellation policies. While I am not personally responsible for cancellations, as I am not in control of outside companies, I will do my best to help you navigate the process of making new plans.
  • Do you book business travel?
    Yes, no problem. As an extensive business traveler myself I can tailor your business trip to your company's requirements.
  • What if we have special needs? (Alter-abled, Dietary Restrictions, Kids, etc)"
    Not a problem at all! This is where a personalized travel planner comes in best, as I tailor everything to your exact situation. As a mom who loves travel, I specialize in creating internaries that are both kid and adult friendly.
  • What about COVID-19?
    I thoroughly research any necessary precautions, quarantine or changes needed to your trip due to COVID concerns. All accomodations and activities are planned with the utmost of safety in mind. If you have any specific concerns or requirements, please don't hesitate to contact me.
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